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Benefits of being a Lumber City Franchisee

  • A well established Franchise name with a recognized Identity.
  • Member of the Franchise Association of South Africa - www.fasa.co.za
  • A focused and specialized flat board and timber merchanting business.
  • An affordable entrance fee and royalty.
  • Value added business I.e. cutting, edging, and drilling of board products.
  • Comprehensive product range includes:
    • Plain particle board
    • Plain MDF
    • Melamine faced boards
    • Wood veneer boards
    • Hardboard products
    • Solid timber PAR
    • Hardware
    • ... and in some stores building material and builders hardware.

  • Limited capital outlay.
  • High stock turns - frequent stock replenishment.
  • Attractive gross profit margins for our industry.
  • High percentage cash sales.
  • Enormous market segmentation.
  • Highly competitive supply arrangements with major board manufacturers,
    building material and hardware suppliers.





Lumber City is a member of

Franchise Association of
South Africa


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